lines and colors

New Work, Processing

start to Finish-2

so, here it is…I documented this little painting from start to finish which I must say was a strange experience. I don’t usually have my phone in the studio nor am I paying attention to my surroundings that much. So to stop and snap a picture periodically felt odd.

This little painting is what I call a painting sketch. It is done on primed millboard and quicker than most my paintings. It is also much cheaper (if you’re in the market) and will be one of the first paintings I offer for sale on my website. Web sales is a new venture for me, I usually stick to galleries and commissions. If you’re interested in it, you can find it on my Shop page at the end of the week.

Now, on to the process.


and there we have it.


ready. steady. go.

New Work, Processing


People often want to know about an artist’s process. “Where did that come from, did you make it up, what is it?” I get these questions all the time. Along with, “I wish I could watch you create.” So, I’ve decided to post my way through some paintings. Just for fun for you and a kind of curiosity for me. I’ve never really documented a painting.

So, here we go…

just when you think you’re starting to find your feet…

New Work

You realize how completely small you are and any tiny inkling you had that maybe you had a little control over even a sliver of your life is put in it’s proper place. Which is that you don’t.

Anyway, here is a new painting. finally.

you cannot hold it, it is light, it is lost, it is constant 30x40

you cannot hold it, it is light, it is lost, it is constant
oil paint and waxes on wood, 30×40

what has will be

New Work
diptych, oil and waxes on wood

diptych, oil and waxes on wood


Here’s another from the EP response pieces. This one’s a diptych, painted on two panels that hang very close together. I like using the diptych format sometimes; by dividing the image ideas of connection and relationship become more prominent.

What has will be, the warm horizon meeting the underground
oil paint and waxes on wood, diptych    $700