How can something so small take so long? That’s right, it’s a website redesign!

New Work

DONESo, my website is small, under ten pages. Yet the process of redesigning it (which was prompted by the stifled laughter I received when I mentioned I edited it in Dreamweaver)(it was deserved laughter) took me so long and it’s still not done. It is, however, miles better than what it was and I am happy to say it is live! I will continue to add galleries to it and actually update it (now that it’s actually easy! Sorry, Dreamweaver)

So have a look, enjoy. Don’t tell me about any typos. too soon.


just when you think you’re starting to find your feet…

New Work

You realize how completely small you are and any tiny inkling you had that maybe you had a little control over even a sliver of your life is put in it’s proper place. Which is that you don’t.

Anyway, here is a new painting. finally.

you cannot hold it, it is light, it is lost, it is constant 30x40

you cannot hold it, it is light, it is lost, it is constant
oil paint and waxes on wood, 30×40

the living under the sky

New Work

the living under the skyThe layers on many of the new pieces for I live with others are ending in opaque greys. I can’t remember the last time I used grey.

I live with others opens November 22, 2013 at the Eric Schindler Gallery in Richmond,VA. Opening reception that night. All are welcome.

the living under the sky
oil paint and wax on wood, 6×12